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Kerala HC condemns Govt Red-Tapism for 24 years delay in District Court Construction

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Nishka Srinivas Veluvali

Published On: November 16, 2021 at 20:30 IST

On Tuesday, the Kerala High Court criticized the government’s attitude that led to the postponement of the construction of the District Court Complex in Idukki for 24 years.

Justice P.V Kunhikrishnan ordered the government to swiftly transfer the lands for the construction of the Court complex and further on noted that, “The Trial Courts are the back – bone of the Indian Judiciary. They are the decision – makers in a list. The Appellate Courts are only Judging their decisions. If there is no proper infrastructure and proper atmosphere for the decision – makers in the Trial Courts, that will be a threat to the Justice delivery system itself. The present case is one such case, which will show the sorry state of affairs as far as the infrastructure of a Court and the attempt to solve the issue is sabotaged because of red tapes.”

The Single Judge was referring to the Plea Filed by the Bar Association of Idukki putting forth its member’ grievances with respect to the fact that the three courts and associated offices in the district are performing with limited facilities.

The Petitioners stated that it has been the long – everlasting dream of the lawyers, advocate clerks, and other litigant public to get a Court building for the Courts and its offices.

After the submission of relevant reports and arguments the Court concluded that,“Idukki is one of the important districts in our state… As I observed earlier, without proper Judicial infrastructure and a proper atmosphere to Administer Justice, the Judiciary can not function. I am sure that the Government will cooperate with the High Court and will see that the dream of the people of Idukki to get a new court complex is fulfilled soon.”

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