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Law Insider is a legal news forum which comprehensively covers various matters of contemporary legal developments and legal issues around the world. Readers have a diverse pool of journalistic content ranging from daily reporting to editorials. One can access reports, read judgements and also attend educative webinars and workshops on Law Insider.

Integrity, authenticity, information and credibility are the pillars of a journalistic venture and Law Insider, holds all these four pillars strong and undisputed, as they support its impactful edifice. Being a news forum, it fastest-growing networks of promising and trustworthy readers with around 250 k monthly users and 6.3 million monthly views.

Why Law Insider?

Law Insider IN is an Indian Media Network. As the fastest growing Media Network Law Insider devotes in the transparency of facts and information.

Law Insider provides Legal Insight of every point of Law.

Established in the year of 2016 Law Insider is one of India’s leading credible Legal news network, and is a preferred source by an audience which favors high quality Legal information.

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Our latest stats :

Daily visits: 1,00,000+

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Linkedin Follows: 7k+

Monthly page views: 6.3 Million (100% organic)

We update these stats every month.

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