SC must relax 50% Quota, EWS already breached it: BJP MP Ganesh Singh


BJP leader and Lok Sabha MP Ganesh Singh demanded that state should support the Centre’s review petition over the 50% ceiling order of the Apex Court as it impinges on state’s rights on OBCs.

Ganesh Singh has been the chairman of the parliamentary committee on OBC Welfare, he reflected that 50% ceiling on Backward Classes’ quotas should be relaxed.

Singh contended that there was little sanctity to the SC/ST/OBC bar as the EWS reservation already breached the limit and making it 59.5%.

The Centre has filed a review petition on the Court’s judgement of May 5th, as per which it reiterated only President and National Commission for Backward Classes can identify the OBCs even for state lists, and 50% ceiling on reservation is inviolable.

Though, the Centre has intervened in the cause, however Singh urged the state representatives to join the fight.

Singh further reflected that the Apex Court should form a special bench to decide on this issue and the ceiling should be relaxed. After Tamil Nadu, Maharashtra and Rajasthan have given the proposal above 50%, expressing that there is a pressure on political parties indicating the wish of the people.

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