India to stick to 12-16 week gap period for Covishield doses

May24,2021 #COVID-19 #Covishield #India


India has planned to stick to the 12-16 week gap between the two Covishield doses, and it would be reviewed after three months based on the data from vaccination in local population.

The assertion came after the UK department of health suggested that two doses of the COVID vaccine were required for “strong protection” against the new variant B.1.617.2 detected in India.

One of the members of the National Technical Advisory Group on Immunisation told that earlier studies showed a protection of about 57% with a gap of four weeks, which increased when the second dose was increased to 60% when the second dose was delayed to 8 weeks, however it exceeded to 65-88% with the gap of 12 weeks, hence it is a scientifically evaluated decision

The experts are of opinion that the first dose is capable enough to produce adequate anti bodies in the body of the person and the second dose is a mere booster to the level of protection hence they are against any change in the gap period.

They further assured that the decisions in the UK are not taken in a haste and they are only considered after a long period of observation and analysis.

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