‘Chalo Delhi’: Farmers try to renew Protest ahead of Supreme Court Hearing

Anushka Sharma

Published On: October 20, 2021 at 10:00 IST

Several Farmer Unions have called for a “Chalo Delhi” demonstration, inviting Farmers from all around the country to join demonstrators at the Delhi Border.

The move came ahead of a crucial Supreme Court hearing wherein the Court would examine if the Right to Protest is an Absolute Right and whether the farmers have the right to take the protest to the streets when it is already being heard in Court. 

The Bench, led by Justice A M Khanwilkar, stated that “Nobody takes responsibility” when incidents like Lakhimpur Kheri occur, and that it will investigate whether a party that has already approached a Constitutional Court seeking remedy has the Absolute Right to Protest on the streets over the same issue.

The Central Government submitted that there can be “No further farmer protests” as incidents like Lakhimpur Kheri could not be allowed.

A Farmers’ association from Rajasthan filed a Petition before the Supreme Court to launch a “Satyagraha” with 200 Farmers at Jantar Mantar.

The Court had previously chastised protest organisations for “Strangulating the city” and ordered the Petitioner to file an Affidavit confirming that they are not affiliated with the groups obstructing highways.

The Supreme Court objected to the Petitioners filing a complaint against Farm Laws in the Rajasthan High Court, as well as their request for permission to Protest at Jantar Mantar.

“When the government has already said that it’s not implementing the laws yet and there is a stay on it from the Supreme Court, then why are you protesting?” Justices AM Khanwilkar and CT Ravikumar asked.

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