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Police cracks 35 year old’s murder case with help of non-existent satellite

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Kashish Jain      

Delhi Police has arrested a house painter and sales agent for bludgeoning a 35-year-old friend to death in outer Delhi’s Mangolpuri.

While there is a stark lack of eye-witnesses to prove their involvement, the Police have managed to elicit a confession from the two accused. They did so after convincing them that their crime had been captured on a non-existent NASA surveillance satellite.

Believing this lie, the accused believed that they had no way out of this and confessed to the crime, admitting that they killed the victim in a fight over the regular use of foul language.

The murder was discovered when a Mangolpuri police station received a call about a man lying injured at a park near the Outer Ring Road. A police team reached the spot and found that the man had been beaten to death.

The body of the man was then moved to a mortuary for a post mortem and a case of murder was registered.