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Hospital wrongly declared man dead, relatives make shocking discovery at Crematorium

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Kashish Jain

What has been termed a ‘goof-up’ by many, is a serious case of negligence on behalf of hospital authorities. A man admitted with a brain hemorrhage was declared dead by authorities at the Patna Medical College Hospital (PMCH) who handed a death certificate to the family of the concerned. 

The PMCH issued a death certificate for Chunnu Kumar (40) who had been admitted to the hospital close to 10 days back and his relatives were informed of his demise due to Covid-19. 

At the crematorium, when the relatives insisted on viewing his face one last time, they were shocked to see that the body handed to them was that of somebody else.

Upon inquiry, it was revealed that Kumar was still in the hospital and they had been handed the body of someone else. 

PMCH superintendent Dr. IS Thakur has stated, “Stern action will be taken against those found guilty.”

Meanwhile, the relatives of Kumar are livid about the medical negligence. His wife Kavita has said,

“My whole family has tested negative for Corona virus. My husband has been nursing a broken leg for several days, he cannot move an inch how could he test positive for the virus? Hospital is neglecting their patients, otherwise, how could they be so mistaken?”