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RERA Practice and Procedure- Law Insider Certificate Course

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RERA stands for Real Estate Regulatory Authority came into existence as per the Real Estate (Regulation and Development) Act, 2016 which aims to protect the home purchasers and also boosts the real estate investments. The bill of this Parliament of India Act was passed on 10 March 2016 by the Upper House (Rajya Sabha). The RERA Act was effective on and from 1 May 2016. At that time, out of 92 sections only 52 were notified. All the other provisions were effective on and from 1 May 2017.

This was formed to bring about transparency in the real estate sector. The RERA Act was brought in to eradicate problems within the sector. It aims to reduce project delays and mis-selling. At present, it is compulsory for all builders or developers to carry out RERA registration before they start a project.

Objectives of the Course

  • Learn in-Depth Knowledge and the Process of RERA.
  • Duties/ Responsibilities of Allottees and Promoters.
  • To Analyse Necessary Certificates and Documents.
  • Branches of Adjudication.

Expected Course Outcome

On successful completion of this course, students will be able to:

  1. Read and analyse different provisions for real estate regulation vis-a-vis Compensation and Adjudicating Authorities under the Act.
  2. Identify Real Estate issues, rights and duties of the promoters and allottees.
  3. Understand the reliefs under RERA and other statutes.
  4. Understand the essential ingredients for drafting Real estate agreements such as Agreement for Sale and Allotment Letters.

Course outline

The detailed Course outline is as follows:

Session one- 04/12/2021 1 P.M to 5 P.M


  1. The background and laws before RERA.
  2. The objective of RERA?
  3. What are the benefits of RERA?
  4. Implementation of agreements executed before the enforcement of RERA:
  5. RERA in the Other States

Adjudication, Complaints and Appellate Authorities.

  1. Compensation, interest or claim of allottees against the promoters.
  2. Factors to consider.

The framework under the Act.

  1. Registration of the Project.
  2. Bar of Jurisdiction.
  3. Functions of the Real Regulatory Estate Authority.
  4. Central Advisory Council.
  5. Real Estate Appellate Tribunal.
  6. Appeal to the High Court and Constitutional Validity of the Act.
  7. Understanding important definitions viz. Carpet Area, Common Area, Apartment.

RERA for Allottees/Buyers.

  1. Who is an Allottee?
  2. How does RERA Benefit Allottees
  3. Rights and Duties of an Allottee:
  4. Checks before booking.
  5. Paying booking amount and entering into an Agreement for Sale.
  6. Getting information, taking possession and making payments.
  7. Lease Transactions

RERA for Promoters/ Builder.

  1. Who is a Promoter?
  2. How does RERA benefit Promoters?
  3. Rights and Duties of a Promoters.
  4. Penalties.

Session Two- 05/12/2021 1 P.M to 5 P.M

Other Aspects

  1. Promoter’s disclosure on RERA website.
  2. Adherence to sanctioned plans and project specifications
  3. Advertisements/ prospectus/ publication.
  4. Agreement for sale in a prescribed format.
  5. Need for separate bank accounts.
  6. Punishments and penalties for non-compliance.
  7. Zoning under RERA.

Registration of Real Estate Projects

  1. Registration of Real Estate Projects.
  2. Exempted Real Estate Projects.
  3. Necessary Certificates under the Act.

RERA for Real Estate Agents

  1. Registration of Real Estate Agents.
  2. The Scope of work
  3. Revocation or suspension of registration.
  4. Functions of Real Estate Agents.
  5. Penalties.

Drafting an Allotment Letter/Agreement for Sale.

  1. Ingredients
  2. Aspects to keep in mind while Drafting

Real Estate, RERA and COVID-19

  1. The Impact of Covid-19 on real estate in India.
  2. Immediate policy action by the government.
  3. Force Majeure and RERA.
  4. Measures to tackle real estate.

RERA vs Other Laws

  1. Consumer Protection Act.
  2. Protection under Insolvency and bankruptcy code.
  3. RERA vis-a-vis Stamp Act and Registration Act.

Course Suggested for

Legal Professionals/Advocates

Law Students


RERA Lawyers

Sessions Details

04 Decemeber, 2021- 1 P.M to 5 P.M Saturday (With 3 Break)

05 Decemeber, 2021- 1 P.M to 5 P.M Sunday (With 3 Break)

Question and Answer Session

Question and Answer session will be there after every session.


VISHAL HEGDE – Co-FOUNDER & Managing Partner at Airavat Chambers, Practising Lawyer (ILS Law College)


RERA, International Law, Legal Advice, Litigation, Corporate Governance.

Certificate Distribution

Certifiacte will be issued after 48 Hours of Successful completion of Course.


Rupees 299/-


Submit the following details on [email protected] with payment screenshot



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Adv Aashima Kakkar

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