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Practice of Sports Law in India- Law Insider Certificate Course

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practice of sports law in India )


Sport law is consider as niche area in India still date; but considering Sports is a growing sector globally, and there are many opportunities for employment within the industry of sport. Given the commercial, commoditised and global nature of sport, the need for effective governance and understanding of legal aspects of sport is essential for a range of stakeholders including legal practitioners, sports administrators, athletes, sponsors and government.

Sports law is the body of legal issues at work in the world of both amateur and professional sports. Sports law overlaps substantially with labor law, contract law, competition law, trademark law, criminal law and tort law. The area of law was established as a separate and important entity only a few decades ago, and today is one of the fastest growing legal fields.

This course provides an extensive overview of legal principles and ethical issues in professional sports.

Objectives of the Course

  1. To learn the basic principles involved in the legal regulation of sports in India and other jurisdictions.
  2. To learn about the major governing bodies of sports both in India and internationally and will become familiar with some of the important current issues in sports law.
  3. To gain practical insights through exposure to case studies, readings, discussions about the sports law.
  4. To improve the skill and knowledge.

Expected Course Outcome

To develop the sensitivity amongst the participants while playing or speculating any sports or games by understanding the underlying moral and ethical aspects that are also closely intertwined with any Sports Litigation

To enhance the mentoring skills of the faculty members and participants and thereby to become more efficient facilitators of academic delivery in the subject of Sports Law.

To cover various topics such as designing of innovative syllabi and course module, Testing and Evaluation, Creativity in teaching, that will be based upon a blend of theoretical and practical pedagogy.

To equip participants with comprehensive teaching and quality pedagogical skills that will make the study of Sports Law more practice oriented.

To enhance the employability skills of the future stakeholders so that they can use the skills that they learn from their trainers to actually resolve Sports Disputes.

Course outline

The detailed Course outline is as follows:

Session one- 20/11/2021 1 P.M to 5 P.M

1. Introduction

a. Introduction of Sports

b. The Concept of Sports Law in Europe

c. Sports Law and India

d. Governance structure in Sporting Bodies

e. Case we will read (Summary)

i. R v Oxfordshire City Council Case

ii. Zee Telefilms & Anr. v. Union of India & Ors.

iii. IOA vs UOI, 9th May 2014

2. Future Sporting Industry

a. E Sports and Online Gaming Domain.

3. Sports and IP issue (Patent)

a. History

b. Convention

c. Role of Patent in Sports

d. Patent on Sports Move

Session two- 21/11/2021 1P.M TO 5P.M

3. Sports and IP issue (Image)

e. Tattoo and Image Right

i. Case study on Randy Orton

f. Image Right in Digital Games

g. Ambush Marketing

h. Trot of Passing off

i. Case study of Reed vs Arsenal FC

ii. Case study of Talk Sports vs BBC Sports

i. Trade Secret in Sports

i. Case Study of Ferrai vs Mercedes

4. Integrity issue in Sports

a. Gender Equality and Pay

i. Case study on Caster Semenya, with reference to Dutee Chand

b. Racism in Sports

i. Gurnam Singh Case

c. Doping Issue in Sports

d. Manipulation in Sports

e. Betting and Gambling issue in Sports

f. Free movement of player Bosman Case and Freedom Speech and Expression in Sports (IOC rule 50)

g. Hooliganism in Sports and Safety Issue

Course Suggested for

Legal Professionals/Advocates

Law Students

Sports player

Coach of sports


Sessions Details

20th November- 1 P.M to 5 P.M Saturday (With 1 Break)

21st November- 1 P.M to 5 P.M Sunday (With 1 Break)

Question and Answer Session

Question and Answer session will be there after every session.


Mr Subhrajit Chanda, Faculty of Jindal Global Law School (Faculty Member of Centre for Sports Law Business and Governance)


Sports Law, Energy law, International Trade Law.

Certificate Distribution

Certifiacte will be issued after 48 Hours of Successful completion of Course.


Rupees 299/-


Submit the following details on [email protected] with payment screenshot



Contact Details

Contact Person for any query

Event Manager

Adv Ronika Jain

Contact- +91-91673-89580

Timing- 2 P.M to 6 P.M

Mail- [email protected]

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