Trademark Procedure and Litigation


In this Digital Age Protecting trademark is not just about filing and getting it registered for your client, the importance of association with a mark has now become a multi-millionaire game. The course intends to equip participants with the understanding of developments in the area of Trade mark law and it’s Litigation.

Participants will get a chance to study the practical aspects related to filing, examination, and opposition of Trademark with Legal Professional.

Trademark can be considered as the major property for any business and brand. It can either be any name, symbol, logo, device and slogan which is primarily used to both identify and distinguish the goods or services of one person from that of the other.

The purchasing decision of a person is highly influenced by the trademark and the reputation or goodwill associated to it. In this course, we will study the evolution of Trademarks, the development of the concept, Trademark as Asset etc.

Trademarks are of several kinds like Product marks, Service marks, Collective marks, Certification marks, etc. The purpose of a Trademark is the same irrespective of its kind. It allows the consumers to make a distinction between the sources of the product or the service and make an informed decision regarding their choice of purchase.

Team Law Insider through this Certificate Course intends to provide all possible information related to Trademark Filling. The Registration process and the advantages associated with it have been thoroughly explained in detail in the course.

Objectives of the Course

1. To understand concept of Trademarks.

2. Comprehend the process of Trademark Registration and the advantages associated to it.

3. Describe the procedure of utilizing the Trademark.

4. To understand required trademark advocacy.

5. Understand the substantive as well as procedural aspects of trademark.

6. Learn how to build arguments around infringement/defense.

7. Know the practical in & outs of remedies available in a trademark dispute.

Course outline

Day 1- 15th January, 2022– Ms. Shruti Nandwana

1. Introduction to Trademarks

     a. IPR in India

     b. Functions and Kinds of Trademarks

     c. Basic Definitions

2. Refusal of Trademark

    a. Reasons for Refusal

    b. Absolute Grounds for Refusal

   c. Relative Grounds for Refusal

   d. Commercial usage of Trademark

3. Infringement of Trademark

   a. What amounts to infringement?

   b. Grounds of Infringement of Trademark

   c. Defenses

4. Well known Trademark

   a. Protection of well-known Trademark

   b. Registration of Well-Known Trademarks

5. Doctrine of Passing off

6. Recent Issues

7. Important Case Laws – will be discussed during the discussion of topics

Day 2- 16th January, 2022– Adv. Aditya

1. Trademarks Registry – Constitution & Powers

2. Conditions for Registration of Trademarks

3. Conducting a Basic Trademark Search and its importance

4. Domestic Trademarks Filing

a. Convention Applications

b. Series Trademarks, Associated Trademarks and Parts of Trademark

c. Assignment and Transmission

5. Licensing and Entry of Registered Users

6. International Trademarks Filing

7. Trademark Opposition

8. Trademark Protection without the help of Courts

9. Rectification of Trademarks

10. Renewal of Registered Trademarks

11. Advertisement and Trademark Infringement

12. Techniques for effective monitoring of Trademark Portfolio

13. How to Protect Trademarks from becoming Generic

14. Remedies against Groundless threats of Trademark Infringement

Course Suggested for

Legal Professionals/Advocates

Law Students

Trademark Attorneys

Sessions Details

15th January, 2022- 1 P.M to 5 P.M Saturday (With 4 Break)

16th January, 2022- 1 P.M to 5 P.M Sunday (With 4 Break)

Question and Answer Session

Question and Answer session will be there after every session.


Shruti Nandwana, Assistant Professor of Law, Dharmashastra National Law University, Jabalpur

Aditya Jain, Advocate on Record, Supreme Court of India

Certificate Distribution

Certifiacte will be issued after 48 Hours of Successful completion of Course.

Contact Person for any query

Event Manager

Pooja Yadav

Contact- +91- 9109469414

Timing- 2 P.M to 6 P.M

Registration Fees

Rupees 299/-

Contact for any query

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Mail- [email protected]

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