Texas Abortion Law appeal made in US Apex Court

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Snehal Upadhyay-

Published on: September 2, 2021, at 14:21 IST

The Texas Heartbeat Act which has been passed as Senate Bill 8 in the 87th Regular legislative session, comes in force along with 665 other laws, at midnight on September 1.

The Bill puts a ban on abortion after six weeks of pregnancy from the time women know about the fact that they are pregnant. 

The time period is shorter as compared to other stateside Abortion Laws in the nation, which has made the Texas abortion providers make an appeal to the Supreme Court of United States claiming an emergency halt to this law.

The External Affairs director of Texas Sarah Wheat stated, “The overwhelming majority of people who may seek an abortion will not be able to in Texas. We’re estimating 85 percent of patients in Texas who schedule and seek abortion appointments will not be able to access those appointments.”

The ill is considered to be exclusive in its mechanism of enforcement as it encourages private citizens rather than the government officials to put ban into the effect by bringing their lawsuits against those who provide abortion and against anyone who assists or force someone to get an abortion.

Now the Supreme Court of the US has to deal with this issue and look into the validation of such a law.

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