Texas asks Supreme Court to maintain Abortion Ban

Sanika Deshpande

Published On: October 22, 2021 at 13:00 IST

Texas on 21st October asked the Supreme Court of the US to keep in place a Law which imposes total ban on Abortion and urged Justices that if they take challenge brought by the US President’s Administration, they should overturn the Landmark ruling (Roe v. Wade) which legalised Abortion Nationwide.

The Attorney General of Texas Ken Paxton in a legal filing responded to the US Justice Department’s request that the Supreme Court shall quickly block the Republican-backed State Law while Litigation over its legality goes forward.

“Properly understood, the Constitution does not protect a right to elective abortion,” Paxton’s filing stated, adding that the state law further “Texas’s interest in protecting unborn life, which exists from the outset of pregnancy”.

If the Supreme Court agrees to take up the fast-tracked Appeal from the Abortion-Rights Advocates, then “the Court should also reconsider Roe and Casey,” Texas officials argued in their brief. (US Appeals Court: Texas Abortion Ban will be in Effect)

Earlier, last month Advocates and providers for Abortion rights in Texas had asked the Supreme Court to hear their case before the final judgement in lower Appeals Court “Because of urgency of harm” caused by the Law.

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Texas Abortion Law appeal made in US Apex Court

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