US Court: Whether returning Students should wear Masks in class?

Aug30,2021 #Mask ban #School board #Students #US

Aishwarya Rathore

Published on: August 30, 2021, at 11:55 IST

The contentious debate over whether returning students should wear masks in class has moved from School boards to the Courtroom.

At least 14 States have filed lawsuits supporting or opposing the use of masks in Schools.

Normally, rule-enforcing School administrators are in conflict with State leaders.

Legal experts believe that while State laws usually take precedence over Local control, legal arguments from mask proponents have a strong chance of succeeding. But amid protests and even violence over masks around the United States, the Court battle is just beginning.

The use of masks in Public schools is governed by a variety of standards. Some States require them, while others prohibit them. Many others leave it to the discretion of specific districts.

In Florida, Texas, and Arizona, big School districts that want to require masks are battling governors in Court. Parents in Utah, Iowa, and South Carolina are suing over similar legislative restrictions on mandates.

In Missouri, Illinois, Michigan, Kentucky, and Montana, lawsuits challenging mask requirements have been filed.

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