Internet blockage in Delhi: SCAORA, SCBA ask Supreme Court to not pass adverse decisions


Tanvi Sinha

In light of several areas of Delhi having restricted or blocked internet, the Supreme Court Advocate on Record Association (SCAORA) asked the judges of the court to not take any adverse actions against parties and lawyers for non-appearance.

In a letter dated January 27th the SCAORA pleaded judges to not pass any adverse orders in the event of Advocates not being able to login or attend because of technical and connectivity issues.

The Bar Association for the Supreme Court (SCBA) also made a similar request with a press note released on January 27th where it pleaded with the judges of the Supreme court, addressing the CJI’s office to not pass any adverse matters listed for today.

The comes after the Ministry of Home Affairs ordered temporary suspension of Internet services in parts of Delhi from noon till midnight in interest of maintaining public safety, concerning the violence that broke out during the farmers protests in Delhi on Republic day yesterday.

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