Goa: Congress plea will be heard today before Bombay High Court

Bombay High Court law insiderBombay High Court law insider

Kriti Agrawal –

Congress filed a plea contesting Speaker Rajesh Patnekar’s ruling disqualifying ten Congress-turned-BJP MLAs today before the Bombay High Court in Goa.

The petition was submitted by state Congress president Girish Chodankar, and a hearing date has been set.

Chodankar has petitioned the Bombay High Court in Goa to overturn Patnekar’s ruling dismissing the disqualification suit brought against ten former MLAs who defected to the BJP in 2019. He stated that the petition was submitted earlier this week.

Patnekar dismissed the petitions more than 18 months after the Congress and MGP submitted them, seeking the disqualification of 12 MLAs who defected from the Congress and MGP to the BJP.

The speaker stated that neither Congress nor the MGP’s accusations were valid.

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