Delhi HC orders probe after accused secures interim bail on forged COVID-19 certificate

Queency Jain

The Delhi High Court ordered an inquiry after an accused absconded after misleading the Court by producing a false Covid-19 report to get interim bail in the case of Narendra Kasana v. State of NCT of Delhi.

Justice Pratibha M Singh also blamed the police authorities for this unkind behaviour due to which the inauthenticity of the report was not determined.

The Court also mentioned that the counsel of the accused is equally liable as it was their greater duty to ensure that Courts are not misled by any kind of forged or fabricated documents.

The accused, Narendra Kasana was apparently granted interim bail by the trial court, which was later extended by the Delhi High Court, after a forged Covid-19 report was submitted by the Counsel of the petitioner.

After the preliminary inquiry, it was concluded that the petitioner, his nephews, the Counsel Anand Kataria and a nursing assistant at district MMG Hospital have joined hands and misled the Court by producing the forged report.

The Court directed the Registrar General to refer the matters to the concerned Judicial Magistrate to conduct an inquiry with reference to section 340 CrPC read along with 195 CrPC and proceed against all those who were concerned in accordance with the law.

The Court criticized the Counsel for his conduct and proceeded to order an inquiry.

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