Bombay High Court dismisses actor Sonu Sood’s appeal against BMC action

Tanvi Singh

Bombay High Court dismissed the appeal filed by Bollywood actor Sonu Sood against the trial court ruling that favoured BMC against the actor.

Justice PK Chavan dismissed his appeal taking cognizance of the affidavits served by the BMC to the court.

Sood had moved the High Court on 10th January when the City Civil Court, Dindoshi, had rejected his plea against the BMC.

The issue started last year during the COVID-19 pandemic when Sonu Sood, was using the BMC deemed illegal property for apparently social purposes, when during the lockdown it was used to provide accommodation to the police force.

The BMC in their affidavit to the plea had spoken how the illegal hotel was being run even without the mandatory license under Section 394 of the Mumbai Municipal Corporation act.

Senior advocate for BMC, AY Sakhare stated that Sood had suppressed crucial facts about the case. That the alterations done to the property were against the sanctioned plan and that Sood had hid the fact that unauthorised portions of his property had been demolished and reconstructed again.

The BMC also alleged that the actor had not disclosed his name in the property card or the revenue record, which only showed previous owners and that the actor was a habitual offender who had tried multiple times to create an unauthorized hotel off a residential building.

In his appeal, Sood represented by Adv Amogh Singh, he denies this and says that he had made no effort of hiding his name since he mortgaged the property with Standard Charted Bank and the same would be impossible without the title of the property not being disclosed.

Sood stands at full liberty to appeal to the Supreme court but based on the recent statement made during an appeal, by Justice K Kaul, where he spoke of how the SC needs to stop taking appeals where there have been concurrent rulings in the lower courts, the chances of him succeeding are not very high.


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