Air-India Cyber Attack: Data of 4.5 Million Passengers Leaked

May22,2021 #AIR INDIA #Cyber Attack #Data

Queency Jain

India’s national Airline Air India has been affected by a cyber-attack on its data servers resulting in the compromise of data leakage of more than 4.5 million passengers.

The details leaked include the credit card details with passport and ticket information.

The company has assured its passengers that even though it is not immediately clear that who was behind the attack, no subsequent activity has been reported till now.

The company asked its passengers to change the passwords to their accounts on the websites since the breach involved all information registered between 26 August 2011 to 20 February 2021.

Just after the incident, the company took various steps like securing the compromised servers, engaging external specialists of data security incidents, notifying and in talk with the credit card issuers and reset the passwords of Air India frequent flyer programme.

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