Sanjay Shamrao Dhotre law insider in
Sanjay Shamrao Dhotre law insider in

Member of Lok Sabha, Minister of State for Education, Communications and Information Technology, Government of India

NAME: Sanjay Shamrao Dhotre

PROFESSION: Agricultural Engineer, Entrepreneur

BORN: February 26, 1959

PLACE OF BIRTH: Akola, Bombay

FATHER’S NAME: Shri Shamrao Dhotre

MOTHER’S NAME: Smt. Shakuntala Dhotre

SPOUSE: Smt. Suhasini Dhotre

SIBLINGS: 1 brother

CHILDREN: 2 sons

EDUCATION: B.E. (Mech.) He is educated at Government College of Engineering, Amravati, Maharashtra.




AWARDS: The Maharashtra Government Industrial Industry Award for 1987 and the Late Shri Vasantrao Naik Memorial Award for outstanding work in the agricultural sector.

Sanjay Shamrao Dhotre is currently the Member of Lok Sabha, Minister of State for Education, Communications and Information Technology, Government of India from Bharatiya Janata Party.

BACKGROUND: Most prominently, he has worked in various departments as an active member during his reign in Lok Sabha. Departments include the Information Technology Committee from 2004 to 2007, the Rural Development Committee in 2009, the 2014 Standards Committee, the Standing Rail Committee in 2014, the Department of Agriculture’s Consultative Committee in 2014, and the Facilitator Subcommittee This Measurement Scale.

During his tenure in Lok Sabha, he had held a vigorous debate on the demands of the Department of Railways. He also tried to find people affected by the floods and drought in the country in the Lok Sabha talks.

However, he was part of a debate on the state of agriculture in the country and against the Handloom Reservation Act.

Prominent politician, Sanjay was elected as a member of the 16th Lok Sabha in India. Most prominent, it represents the Akola region of the empire – Maharashtra. In addition, he is a member of an active political party called the Bharatiya Janata Party (BJP).

In addition, he was re-elected as a member of parliament in the 14th and 15th Lok Sabha elections between 2004 and 2014. Professionally, he has just graduated with a degree in Mechanical Engineering – a Bachelor’s Degree from a State College in 1981.


WALK OF LIFE: The Maharashtra government is one of the most representative in the Cabinet of Prime Minister Narendra Modi. About 7 Maharashtra state officials have been sworn in as Prime Minister in the central cabinet.

Top leaders including Nitin Gadkari, Piyush Goyal, Prakash Javadekar (BJP) and Arvind Sawant (Shiv Sena) are sworn in as Cabinet Ministers, while Raosaheb Danve, Sanjay Dhotre (BJP) and Ramdas Athawale (RPI) are sworn in as MoS ministers.

MAJOR INITIATIVES TAKEN: The Minister of Labor Development, Shri Sanjay Dhotre has launched the Shaala Darpan website, the evolving E-Governance system and the management of Navodaya Vidyalaya Samiti (NVS) in New Delhi.

This single integrated platform is designed for information sharing and information dissemination of 22000 staff and more than 2 lakh students at schools and offices at Navodaya Vidyalaya Samiti. Navodaya Vidyalaya Commissioner Samiti Shri Bishwajit Kumar Singh and C-DAC Executive Director Shri Vivek Khanejawere also attended the event.


2015– 3 July 2015: Became Collector, Subcommittee-III, Evaluation Committee.

2016– 1 Sep. 2016 – 31 Aug. 2017: He was a member of the Executive Committee on Rural Development.

2017– 22 June 2017: Appointed as a member of the Business Advisory Committee. 1 September 2017: Member, Agricultural Language Committee.

2019– Submitted to the Department of Human Resource Development Mode; Department of Communications; and the MoS department of Electronics technology and information. He challenged and won the Akola Lok Sabha constituency where he defeated Ambedkar (Adv) Prakash Yashwant of VBA by more than 200000 votes.

CONTROVERSY/CASES: Anger at the BJP Parliamentary Conference on Farmer Suicide Reaching the heels of the reported suicide of farmers within three days of Vidarbha’s Maharashtra district, BJP MP Sanjay Dhotre has sparked a heated debate after farmers should be “let go and die” if they could or could not afford farming.

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