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Deputy Chief Minister of Gujarat

NAME – Nitinbhai Ratilal Patel

PROFESSION – Politician

BORN – 22/06/1956

PLACE OF BIRTH – Visnagar, Bombay State, Gujarat, India

FATHER’S NAME – Ratilal Patel


SPOUSE – Sulochanaben Patel


CHILDREN – 2, Jaimin Patel, Sunny Patel

EDUCATION – 12th Pass



REMARKABLE ACHIEVEMENT– He has been a member of various committees such as in the empower committee for the implementation of VAT and executive committee of Kadi Nagarpalika etc.



Mr Nitinbhai Ratilal Patel was born on 22nd June 1956 to Mr Ratilal Patel in Visnagar, Gujarat. He was born in a well to do family, a college dropout and worked in cotton and oil factories before entering politics and is married to Mrs Sulochanben Patel and has two children, Jaimin Patel and Sunny Patel respectively and is currently 65 years old.

He is a senior member of Bhartiya Janata Party and contests elections from the Mahasena constituency and has held various political positions during his career and is currently a chief deputy of Gujarat and Minister for Health, Medical Education, Family Welfare, Road and Building, Capital Project of the state of Gujarat.


  1. Mr Nitin Patel announced that the key priorities of the Gujarat budget (2021 – 2022) would be healthcare, public infrastructure and education which are the demand of time and public of Gujarat as well as every other state.
  2. The ministry of Road and Buildings through Gujarat State Road Development Co Ltd has made the transport facilities and laws very smooth for catering to the vast hinterlands and for exports as well which have proved beneficial for the state of Gujarat and is under the wing of Shree Nitinbhai Ratilal Patel.


Nitinbhai Patel became

(1990 – 1995) – MLA from Kadi constituency in Gujarat

(1995 – 2002) – MLA from Kadi constituency in Gujarat

(2007 – 2012) – MLA from Kadi constituency in Gujarat

(2012 – incumbent) – MLA from Mahasena constituency in Gujarat

1995 – Cabinet Minister of Health Department of Gujarat

1999 – Cabinet Minister of Small and Medium Irrigation and Roads and Buildings Department (work of Panchayat) of Gujarat

2001 – Cabinet Minister for Finance of Gujarat

2002 – Cabinet Minister for Revenue of Gujarat

2007 – Cabinet Minister for Irrigation, Water Supply, Urban Development Housing of Gujarat

2012 – Finance, Health, Medical Education, Family Welfare and Transport of Gujarat

(2016 – incumbent) – Deputy Chief Minister of Gujarat

(2014 – incumbent) – Minister for Health & Family welfare, Medical Education, Capital Project, Road and Building of Gujarat


  1. There are zero convictions against him as self-declared in affidavit.
  2. Nitinbhai Patel was not given the ministries of Finance, Urban Development and Petrochemicals under Vijay Rupani cabinet after which he stayed in his Ahmedabad residence and did not take charge of the allotted ministries.
  3. Mr Patel used an objectionable term for Kanodias and the Dalits from different parts of Gujarat wanted an apology from him.

Last updated on 22-07-2021

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