Faggan Singh Kulaste law insider in
Faggan Singh Kulaste law insider in

Minister of State for the Ministry of Steel 

NAME: Faggan Singh Kulaste


BORN: 18 May 1959

PLACE OF BIRTH: Mandla, Madhya Pradesh

FATHER’S NAME: Shri Shobhan Singh Kulaste

MOTHER’S NAME: Smt. Hero Bai

SPOUSE: Smt. Savitri Kulaste


CHILDREN: Vandana Kulaste, Jyoti Kulaste, Kiran at last, Vedprakash at last. (One son and 3 daughters Daughter)

EDUCATION: M.A., B.Ed. and LL.B.He studied at Mandla College, Dr Hari Singh Gaur University, Jabalpur (Madhya Pradesh)


OFFICIAL WEBSITE: https // www.india.gov.in

REMARKABLE ACHIEVEMENT: Working to spread education in the community; to encourage nations to continue their cultural activities by establishing more committees; founder and organizer of education units; to provide free education to vulnerable sections of society.


Faggan Singh Kulaste is an Indian politician born on 18th May 1959. On 30 May 2019, he was sworn in as Minister of State for the Ministry of Steel being a part of Bharatiya Janta Party.

BACKGROUND: He represents the body of Mandla of Madhya Pradesh. Collectively he was the Minister of State in the Modi government. Opposingly he was a member of 11, 12, 13, 14, 16 and 17 Lok Sabha.


WALK OF LIFE: Faggan Singh Kulaste took the oath of office as Minister of Politics on July 5, 2016. He was honored as MoS for Health and Family Welfare. He represents the Mandla district in Madhya Pradesh, and in 2008, Kulaste was a shameless fundraising school.

MAJOR INITIATIVES TAKEN: Shri Faggan Singh Kulaste represents the National Dental and Oral Health Information IVR Portal, toll-free number.


Member of 1990-92, Madhya Pradesh legislature, board, Madhya Pradesh Government.

Secretary to Parliament, Department of Public Health and Family Welfare, Government of Madhya Pradesh.

Member 1993 forward Member, Panchayat Board, Distt. – Mandla, Madhya Pradesh.

In 1996 the 11th Lok Sabha was elected.

Member of 1996-97, Organizational and Social Welfare Committee.

1998 was re-elected as 12 Lok Sabha (second term).

Member of 1998-99, Foreign Affairs Committee and its Committee II.

Member, Commission on Constitution (Amendment) of the Constitution Bill, 1996.

Member, Advisory Committee, Department of Oil and Petroleum.

In 1999 he was re-elected to 13 Lok Sabha (third term).

October-Nov. In 1999, Minister of State for State, Parliamentary Affairs.

22 Nov. 1999-May 2004 Minister of State for State, newsgroup.

2004 re-elected 14 Lok Sabha (4th term).Member for 2004 – 2009, Organizational and Ethnic Welfare Committee.

Member, Coal and Iron Committee.

Member, Advisory Committee on the Department of Roads and Highways.

April 2012 – 2014 he was elected to Rajya Sabha.

Member of May 2012, Social Justice Committee and direction.

Member, Organized Food Welfare Committee and Organized Nations.

Member of August 2012, Urban Development Committee.

Member 2013, Rural Development Committee

May, 2014 be re-elected as 16 Lok Sabha (5th term).

1 Sep. 2014 – 5 July 2016, Coal and Steel Committee.

Member, Advisory Committee, Department of Public Aviation.

29 Jan. 2015 – 5 July 2016, General Operations Committee.

5 July 2016 – 3 September 2017 Minister of Cooperation, Department of Health and Family Welfare.

1 September 2017 – 25 May 2019 Member, Standing Committee on Human Resource Development.

1 September 2017 – 25 May 2019 Member, Standing Committee on Social Justice Empowerment.

May, 2019 be re-elected to 17 Lok Sabha (6th term).

30 May 2019 continued Minister of State, Department of Minerals.

CONTROVERSIES/CASES: A vote-rigging scandal involves members of the Bharatiya Janata Party (BJP) MPs displaying cash notes all day on July 22, 2008, the trust electing Lok Sabha, accusing nations of bribing them, during the Left Front withdraws its support for the UPA-I government on the issue of the Indo-US nuclear deal. The scandal involves former Samajwadi faction leader Amar Singh, former L K Advani aide Sudheendra Kulkarni and three BJP leaders, as well as Kulaste. During a vote of confidence in Parliament, three BJP leaders – Ashok Argal, Kulaste, Mahabir Singh Bhagora – had raised Rs 3 which they allegedly received from the government.

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