Satish Kaushik: It’s an achievement when High Court refers to your film

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Published on: 28 December 2022 at 14:53 IST

While Expressing his Happiness on Delhi High Court mentioning of his Film in a hearing Actor Satish Kaushik said, People say, cinema imitates real life. But sometimes, films influence real world, too.

Recently Delhi High Court referred Satish Kaushik’s 2021 Movie- Kaagaz. High Court Bench heard a plea where a woman appealed to rectify her date of birth incorrectly mentioned in her Central Board of Secondary Education (CBSE) marksheet.

Actor Said, “You feel a sense of achievement when a High Court judge refers to your film for a verdict in a court case. It shows how good cinema can influence society and bring healthy changes,”.

“In fact, after Kaagaz’s release, some people who were declared dead on official records, were announced alive by the district authorities in Uttar Pradesh. All this praise has encouraged me to tell the stories of trials and tribulation of a common man.”

Delhi High Court bench of Justice Chandra Dhari Singh in the judgement, quoted some lines from Kaagaz, and said that the film “depicts the pangs and plight of people for papers at the pedestals of bureaucracy- the treatment that is meted out to poor people and how those without power and influence are made running from pillar to post”.

High Court also added that the movie was set in 1970s and it remains to be introspected how much the situation has improved 50 years hence. It directed the CBSE to correct the entries in the marksheet of the petitioner with reference to her corresponding birth certificate.

The Film Kaagaz Kaushik’s film featured actor Pankaj Tripathi A common man discovers that he has been declared dead on paper by the government. He tries to prove his existence but faces red-tapism everywhere he goes. Pankaj Tripathi then decides to fight with the system that declared him dead on paper.

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