R-Day Violence: Delhi Court extends custody of Deep Sidhu by 7 days

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Umamageswari Maruthappan

A Delhi Court Bench ordered to detain Deep Sidhu for additional seven days under police custody. The actor-politician who was arrested on 9th February 2021 for inciting the Republic Day Violence shall now remain in custody for another seven days.

It was reported that Sidhu disappeared after the 26th January 2021 violence following which the police made a public notice announcing a reward of 1 lakh rupees to those who provide information about the whereabouts of Sindhu.

On February 9, 2021, Deep Sidhu was arrested by the Police and the Delhi Court directed to keep him under custody for seven days. The period of detention has now been increased.

The farmers’ unions along with several dissentients carried out a tractor rally against the three impugned farm laws on the eve of Republic Day. Despite their assurance of a peaceful rally, violence broke out which injured several protestors and personnel and killed one.

Deep Sidhu who is now a part of the BJP was claimed to be a part, indeed a bigger part, of the R-Day violence. He was present during the fury and had reportedly instigated people to break out.

Other names involved in this violence include Jugraj Singh, Gurjot Singh, Gurjant Singh, Buta Singh, Sukhdev Singh, Jajbir Singh and Iqbal Singh among others.

After the violence, Sidhu was sharing related posts via his social media accounts and had also expressed his views on farmer leaders as “arrogant” and said that they insist that “whatever decisions they take should be accepted by all”.

While in custody, the police had interrogated him from various angles to see if the R-Day violence constituted a part of a larger conspiracy and also to inquire about his links and source of funds.

The 36-year old actor turned politician was taken to the Red Fort to recreate the R-Day scene. He was also taken to a few other cities including Mumbai and Hyderabad to check out for his external links.

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