PIL in Supreme Court: Directions to ascertain practicality of two-child law for Government Jobs


Queency Jain

A PIL has been filed in the Supreme Court seeking direction to the Central Government to take necessary steps to control the population. They have ascertained the practicality of the two-child law for government jobs, aids, subsidies, etc.

The petitioner requested to declare the first Sunday of every month as “Health Day” and not “Polio Day”, wherein the government must spread awareness to control the population of India.

It was submitted that the Law Commission of India must prepare a comprehensive report on the explosion of the population within three months, suggesting ways to control the same. The population is more than 150 crore in the Country which has already surpassed the population of China.

Further, it was submitted that the explosion of the population is 7 times that of the United States resulting in climate change. It is thus, pushing the vulnerable sections of the society towards poverty and unemployment.

The petition stated that the root cause of the pitiable condition of India in internal ranking wherein the Country was ranked 103 in Global Hunger Index, 43 in Suicidal Rate, 168 in Literacy Rate and other various indexes was the population explosion.

Considering the facts mentioned, Supreme Court has allowed the petition to make the Ministry of Health and Family Welfare a party to the Public Interest Litigation and sought the response of the Government on considering the practicality of the two-child law.

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