Sikkim High Court: No Concrete Policy framed by the Government to tackle Covid-19

Queency Jain

Hearing a Suo-moto petition relating to the management of the Covid-19 crisis in the State, Sikkim High Court has called out the government’s policy to tackle Covid-19 to be backed up with no rational thinking despite studies and experiences show how the virus affected worldwide.

The Government, in pursuance of the Sikkim High Court’s order dated 17 June, submitted a report on 22 June relating to the decisions and policies framed by the Government. However, the Court stated that even though the steps are taken to improvise the health infrastructure, there is a lot more to be done to tackle the situation.

Concern over the people’s health, the Court asked the Central Government and Sikkim Government to work jointly to make sure that the RT-PCR test facility is available to every citizen of the State of Sikkim, thereby making it sure that it reaches every district.

The Court appreciated the vaccination policy of the Government and the way most of the population of the Sikkim is already vaccinated but insisted that the Government continue increasing testing until the positivity rate comes down.

While the Central Government has provided various guidelines that are available on the website of the Ministry of Health & Family Welfare, the Court has asked the Sikkim Government to formulate policies accordingly and by keeping in mind all the guidelines provided so far.

The Court, keeping in mind the uncertain third wave of Covid-19, asked the Central and the State Governments to file necessary affidavits complying with the directions issued by the Court.

Further, matter to be heard on 7 July.

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