PIL filed in Supreme Court seeks three-year LLB course after class 12

Supreme Court Law Insider

Published on: April 17, 21:58 IST

A Public Interest Litigation (PIL) filled in the Supreme Court calls for the establishment of an expert committee by the Centre and the Bar Council of India to assess the viability of introducing a three-year LLB course following class 12. Presently, students can pursue a five-year integrated law program after class 12 via the Common Law Admission Test (CLAT) administered by leading National Law Universities (NLUs). Alternatively, they can opt for a three-year LLB course post-graduation in any discipline.

Lawyer Ashwini Upadhyay spearheads the plea, contending that the current five-year duration for the integrated course is arbitrary and disproportionate to the subject matter. The plea argues that this prolonged duration imposes an excessive financial burden on students and fails to align with the diverse career trajectories within the legal profession.

The petition draws attention to examples of legal luminaries like former law minister Ram Jethmalani, who initiated his law firm at the age of 17, and the late Fali Nariman, former Attorney General, who completed his legal education at 21. These instances underscore the potential of early specialization and highlight the limitations of a rigid educational structure that prioritizes breadth over depth.

Upadhyay’s plea asserts that a three-year LLB course post class 12 would provide students with a more focused and streamlined pathway into the legal profession, akin to undergraduate programs in other disciplines like Science, Commerce, and Arts.

The PIL urges the Supreme Court to direct the concerned authorities to initiate a comprehensive examination into the feasibility of implementing a three-year LLB course after class 12, aiming to optimize legal education and facilitate greater accessibility and flexibility for aspiring lawyers.

As the legal community awaits further developments, this petition prompts a critical discourse on the evolution of legal education in India, emphasizing adaptability and relevance in an ever-changing landscape.

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