Madras HC Asks Registry to Remove Extraneous Parties from Petitions

Madras Hc Law Insider

Paridhi Arya

Published on: April 4, 2022 at 13:30 IST

In the Petitions such as asking for Annulments of Patta, Supply of Electrical Connections, Issuing of Legal Heir Certificate etc. should not have Irrelevant Parties, Registry should eliminate them asked by the Madras High Court.

Justice M. Govindaraj agreed with Additional Advocate General J. Ravindran that it is an unnecessary hardship for Law Officers who is Defending Government and to the officers by naming Chief Secretary who is not responsible to answer.

“As a result, unless it is warranted, the Chief Secretary to the Government need not be impleaded as a party in Writ Petitions… The Judge ruled, “Unneeded impeachment of officers, which causes discomfort and mental pressure, shall be avoided by urging the Petitioners to delete the unnecessary parties.” said by Judge.

The case was filed by former Attorney General S. Ramaswamy as he was not paid his Special Fees for attending many cases.

The Judge ordered the payment of his all the bills and reversed the communication from January 2011.

The Court criticised that law officers who formerly worked for the government should be given respect by officials after the government is changed.

Rulers may change, but the Government is a continually working machinery, and its personnel shall not alter their devotion to satisfy the rulers,” said by the Judge

The Judge noted that government lawyers leave their attractive private practice and serve the needy people with nominal fees and that is why that should be treated with respect and officials should cooperate with them

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