Jharkhand HC: Vehicles seized by police not to be kept in custody for a long period

Oct31,2020 #Jharkhand High Court
Jharkhand high court law insider in
Jharkhand high court law insider in

By Diksha-

The Jharkhand High Court today adjudged that vehicles seized by the Police personnel should not be parked outside police stations for a long period of time.

The Court further said that such seized vehicles should be released on some conditions as some of them are financed or bought from public money and they start deteriorating or depreciating which causes huge monetary losses to the Government.

A plea was filed in the High Court for release of trucks that had been caught for illegally smuggling cows in Simdega and Chaibasa.

A lower Court had previously refused to release the trucks because the owner of the truck had been informed by the police and he did not reply in return.

Thereafter, the case went to the High Court.

The Hon’ble Court said that until the accused is proven guilty the trucks cannot be confiscated by the police and they should be returned on appropriate conditions.

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