“It is open Challenge to Supreme Court”: Arvind Kejriwal On Centre’s Move

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Published on: 22 May 2023 at 11:48 IST

On Saturday, Delhi Chief Minister Arvind Kejriwal criticized the central government for issuing a special order that circumvented a Supreme Court ruling regarding the control of bureaucrats in the capital. He stated that the government had “insulted the majesty of the Supreme Court” with this action.

Mr. Kejriwal expressed his discontent during a news briefing, describing the move as a “disgusting joke” and accusing the central government of openly challenging the Supreme Court.

He further stated that the ordinance would be challenged in the Supreme Court, acknowledging that it might slow down the work of the Delhi government but would not halt it. Mr. Kejriwal also accused the central government of timing the introduction of the “unconstitutional” order during the court’s summer vacation, implying that it was a deliberate tactic.

Mr. Kejriwal’s criticism followed the central government’s introduction of an ordinance that bypasses the Supreme Court’s verdict from May 11. The court’s ruling stated that the Delhi government would have control over the appointment and transfer of bureaucrats, except in matters related to public order, police, and land affairs.

The central government not only introduced the ordinance but also requested the Supreme Court to review its earlier judgment. The government argued that the judgment “contains errors that are evident on the face of the record” and failed to consider the arguments presented by the party seeking the review.

Last week, a five-judge constitution bench led by Chief Justice DY Chandrachud resolved a longstanding dispute between the central government and the Delhi government, which had been ongoing since 2015. The bench reached a unanimous verdict, bringing a definitive conclusion to the matter.

On Friday, the central government issued an ordinance to establish a National Capital Civil Service Authority for the transfer and disciplinary actions concerning senior officers in Delhi.

The ordinance was introduced in response to what the government termed as the Delhi government’s constant “instigation” and “acrimonious attacks” on the central government and the unique status of the city.

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