Hijab Row: Karnataka High Court to pronounce verdict today

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Published on: March 15, 2022, at 10:09 IST

Karnataka High Court today after hearing the most controversial case and back-to-back hearings, is set to pronounce its verdict on the Hijab case today.

Three weeks back Karnataka High Court Refuses Interim Relief to College Students

Justice Krishan S Dixit refused an Interim Relief observing that the Interim Order dated February 10, passed by the Full Bench governs the issue and therefore, no other relief could be granted by the Single Bench.

The Bench stated that when important questions of law were being debated before the Full Bench on daily basis, no other Interim relief except the one by the Full Bench could be granted to the Petitioners.

It stated, “The interim order granted by the Full Bench on 10-02-2022 in W.P.No2347/2022 and connected matters serves the cause of justice, as rightly submitted by the learned AG.”

The Hijab Rowl started on On January 1, when some Muslim students of pre-university college in Karnatakai were denied to attend classes wearing a hijab, as the dress was against the prescribed norms of the college.

“A Transfer Certificate (TC) will be given and they can go to any college that will allow them to do so. But, our policy is clear. No hijabs in the classroom,” the MLA said. The role of MLAs in CDCs were a point of debate during the high court hearings, with the petitioners challenging the administrative role of the MLAs.

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