Hardik Pandya’s 70% property to be transferred to Natasa Stankovic in case of divorce!

Published on: May 25, 2024 11:49 IST

Hardik Pandya, the current captain of the Mumbai Indians team in the IPL, has been at the center of extensive trolling on social media following the team’s disappointing performance this season. Adding to his troubles, rumors are swirling about a potential split between Pandya and his wife, Natasa Stankovic.

Observers on social media have noted a significant reduction in the couple’s online interactions. In a notable development, Natasa has removed ‘Pandya’ from her surname on her social media profiles. Additionally, the couple, once known for sharing affectionate posts, has not been seen posting about each other recently. Hardik’s silence on Natasa’s birthday on March 4, when he did not make any public posts, has further fueled these speculations.

The rumors gained traction after a Reddit post highlighted the absence of each other’s presence on their Instagram Stories and Natasa’s removal of Hardik’s name from her Instagram profile. Moreover, Natasa has not been spotted in the stands during recent IPL matches, which is unusual compared to her past appearances. Her recent social media activity suggests a growing disconnect from the team and possibly from Hardik himself.

Adding to the intrigue, it has been reported that if the couple were to divorce, Hardik Pandya might have to part with 70 percent of his wealth in the settlement.

As both personal and professional challenges mount for Hardik Pandya, fans and followers are left wondering about the future of the cricketer and his family.

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