Cheque bounce case: Ranchi Court allows Ameesha Patel to appear on July 10

Jun22,2023 #Ameesha Patel #Ranchi

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Published on: 22 June 2023 at 11:37 IST

Actor Ameesha Patel has been granted permission by the Ranchi Court to appear in person on July 10, following her petition requesting an exemption from personal appearance in a cheque bounce case.

Previously, she surrendered herself before the Ranchi Civil Court and was subsequently granted conditional bail. The court had initially instructed her to physically appear on June 21.

The incident in question occurred in 2018 when Ameesha visited Ranchi for an event at Harmu Ground, where she met businessman Ajay Kumar Singh.

During their encounter, they discussed the financing of a film project, which Singh, the owner of Lovely World Entertainment, invested in.

Despite her upcoming silver-screen comeback in the film ‘Gadar 2’ alongside Sunny Deol, Ameesha Patel has faced legal trouble regarding a failed film project. Following discussions with businessman Ajay Kumar Singh regarding the financing of the film, Singh invested Rs 2.50 Crore in the project.

However, the film never materialized, leading Singh to demand the return of his investment. Ameesha issued a cheque for the amount but it bounced, causing further complications. This incident mirrors a similar occurrence in November 2021 when Ameesha’s cheque of Rs 32.25 lakh to UTF Telefilms also bounced, attracting media attention.

As a result, Ameesha recently surrendered herself before the court, highlighting the timing of her legal troubles amid preparations for her anticipated return to the big screen.

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