Allahabad HC dismisses Bail Plea of Accused of Making Derogatory Remarks Against PM And CM Yogi

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Published on: March 31, 2024 at 12:11 IST

Allahabad High Court has denied bail to an accused individual involved in disseminating false reports and hate speech against Prime Minister Narendra Modi and Uttar Pradesh Chief Minister Yogi Adityanath, disguised as internet memes.

Presiding over the case, Justice Manju Rani Chauhan delivered a stern message, emphasizing the duty of journalists and publishers to provide factual information to the public rather than exploiting their platforms for personal gain. The court expressed unequivocal disdain towards personal attacks on public figures, asserting that such actions are antithetical to civil discourse and compromise the integrity of journalism.

The case, registered under several sections of the Indian Penal Code, revealed the misuse of media platforms for personal enrichment and the propagation of divisive rhetoric. Allegations include coercion, bribery, and the dissemination of derogatory remarks against public figures and religious figures.

The court condemned such tactics, highlighting the importance of distinguishing between legitimate dissent and abusive language in democratic discourse. It emphasized the right to express grievances responsibly and underscored the need for respect and decorum in civil discourse.

Central to the ruling was the affirmation of secular principles and the separation of religion from the affairs of the state as essential for upholding democratic values. The court stressed the grave nature of acts aimed at denigrating religious sentiments, emphasizing tolerance and respect as fundamental principles.

High Court in its concluding remarks, underscored the critical responsibility held by publishers and journalists, stating that abuse of authority undermines transparency, accountability, and trust in democratic governance.

Given the serious nature of the allegations against the accused, including exploitation of media for extortion and dissemination of derogatory remarks, the court deemed bail unjustified. This decision reflects a commitment to upholding democratic principles and ensuring accountability for actions that undermine civil discourse and societal harmony.

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