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World’s first Private Digital Court developed by Chandigarh startup

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Lekha G

A Chandigarh based startup Jupitice Justice Technologies has developed the world’s first private digital court under the Private Justice System (Alternative Dispute Resolution or ADR Mechanism).

The Founder and CEO of Jupitice Raman Aggarwal said, “It is a new justice order where all parties involved are happy. Unlike a litigation process, justice through ADR mechanisms is quick, less stressful, cost-effective and results in a mutual settlement maintaining a healthy business relation”.

Jupitice’s Private Digital Court is the world’s first end-to-end digital justice delivery platform that expedites all the participants engaged in the dispute to perform tasks online on a single platform.

Jupitice has also further provided provisions to ADR professionals around the world to form its “Marketplace” making it easier for justice seekers to connect with justice providers. Also, the online arbitration award received on the Jupitice platform is legally enforceable as a court decree.

The establishment of Jupitice’s Private Digital Court in the market would not only reduce the burden on the public justice systems but also increase access to justice anytime.

In the context of the current Covid-19 scenario, Justice DY Chandrachud stressing the role of Online Dispute Resolution had said, “The effective use of affordable ODR services can bring about a major change in the perception of parties involved in the dispute – by making the process more accessible, affordable and participative. It will make all parties consider it more amicable and solution-oriented. This will ultimately lead to more efficient dispute resolution”.