Women Officers to approach Tribunal after being denied Permanent Commission

permanent commission to women officers in Indian Army
permanent commission to women officers in Indian Army

Shivani Pandey-

Published on: August 23, 2021, at 14:20 IST

A significant number of Women Army Officers will approach the Armed Forces Tribunal as they were denied Permanent Commission despite the Supreme Court orders.

The Woman Officers have sought legal redressal for Permanent Commission several times now. Earlier this month the Supreme Court had allowed the Officers to approach the Armed Forces Tribunal to seek a stay on their release.

A Woman Army Official recently stated that “After two landmark Judgements by the Supreme Court, the Army has yet again misinterpreted the Judgment to suit its inferior motives and denied Permanent Commission to 28 Women Officers and shown them the doors unceremoniously citing that they have not scored the required grade of 60 percent”.

“When every officer gets 60 days to represent and gets redressal against any presumed wrong assessment, these women officers were not even given that opportunity to seek and await redressal and have been asked to leave within 58 days of their result,” The Woman Army official added.

In March the Apex Court had reprimanded the Army and ordered the Army to accord Permanent Commission to all Short Commission Woman Officers who had acquired sixty percent marks or above.

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