Shivangi Prakash-

Published on: August 23, 2021, at 13:50 IST

Mysuru’s business and trade organizations have decided to take the Mysuru City Corporation’s (MCC) tax regulations to the Karnataka High Court, claiming that they are unscientific and oppressive.

Representatives of several organizations spoke with authorized experts at a session held here on Sunday, and it was decided to maintain the MCC’s taxing regulations because they were also discriminatory, according to the stakeholders.

Nearly 40 members from the hotel industry, theatres, travel associations, malls, poultry house owners, and others attended the meeting.

Mr. C. Narayangowda, President of the Hotel House Owners Association, stated that there are over 3,500 business establishments in the city that are classified as “super commercial” and are subjected to a tax rate that is nearly three times higher than the rate set for the industrial slab.

“It is only in Mysuru that a super commercial category has been introduced to levy taxes and this was not only discriminatory but was stifling business,” mentioned Mr. Narayangowda.

Stakeholders chastised the MCC for failing to issue a construction completion report and claimed that such properties were subject to double taxation.

Even the cost of renewing a business license yearly is doubled for organizations that fall under a massive industrial slab.

Stakeholders expressed their displeasure with the developments, claiming that they had sought relief and concessions from the federal government due to a lack of business due to the epidemic since March 2020.

Local governments, on the other hand, had imposed higher taxes, which were also unsustainable for them.

The documentation and memorandum filed to the federal government and MCC officials in an attempt to have the tax charge reconsidered were turned over to legal counsel so that they may present their case in Court.

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