UIDAI Urges Public to be Discreet While Sharing Photocopies of Aadhaar

Paridhi Arya

Published on May 30, 2022 at 18:50 IST

The Unique Identification Authority of India (UIDAI) had withdrawn the notification issued by Bengaluru Regional Office on May 27 stating that it can be misinterpreted.

UIDAI is an authority which manages Aadhaar. The advisory released by Bengaluru Regional Office is that the photocopies of Aadhaar card should not be shared by anyone as it can be misused, even the hotels and cinema halls are not authorised to ask for the photocopy of Aadhaar card.

For downloading electronic Aadhaar public computer should not be used and only those organisations holding ‘user license’ from UIDAI could establish person’s identity with using Aadhaar.

Public got infuriated on social media that this advisory is issued very late when people had given photocopies of Aadhaar in hospitals, hotels etc.

On Sunday, the Ministry of Electronics and Information Technology (MeitY), the parent body of the UIDAI, said, “The release advised the people to not to share photocopy of their Aadhaar with any organisation because it can be misused.”

“Alternatively, a masked Aadhaar which displays only the last 4 digits of Aadhaar number can be used. However, in view of the possibility of the misinterpretation of the Press Release, the same stands withdrawn with immediate effect.”

On November 11, 2016, the UIDAI from its official handle tweeted: “We urge you to be very discreet about (sic) your Aadhaar and other identity documents. Do not share the document no. or a printed copy with anyone.”

Authorities said that Aadhaar card without biometrics information cannot be used to defraud other by personating but it is like giving your account number, mobile number or PAN number which used to be protected and does not infringe privacy.

“Aadhaar as an identity document by its very nature needs to be shared openly with others as and when required for,” said a tweet by the UIDAI on March 17, 2018.

The MeitY has made a statement that they have only advised the public to use ’normal prudence’ while using or sharing Aadhaar number. The advisory which was issued by Bengaluru office wanted to convey the same advice.

“Aadhaar Identity Authentication ecosystem has provided adequate features for protecting and safeguarding the identity and privacy of the Aadhaar holder,” the statement added.


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