Suu Kyi: Request Reduced Court Hearings due to Strained Health

Aung San Suu Kyi LAW INSIDER

Swarna Shukla-

Published On: October 05, 2021 at 13:38 IST

Myanmar’s detained Former Leader Aung San Suu Kyi asked the Judge to reduce the number of Court Hearings due to strained health.

Suu Kyi, who is on Trail and attending Court Sessions in multiple cases since her overthrow in a February 1 Coup, requested that each case be handled every two weeks, not every week.

Chief Lawyer Khin Maung Zaw said, “She is tired. At her age, it is not convenient to sit for hearings every day of the whole week. She doesn’t have any disease nor specified sickness. It is not a concerning situation.”

 The Leader is charged with litany of Offences, including breaking Coronavirus Protocols, Illegally Importing and Possessing two-way radios, Incitement to cause Public Alarm and Violating the Official Secrets Act.

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