Stockton Police Investigates Assault of 7-Eleven Robbery Suspect by Sikh Man and Workers

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Published on: 7 August 2023 at 12:35 IST

A video of a Sikh man and other workers beating up a robber at a US convenience store recently went viral on social media.

In the video, the thief was caught shoplifting, and when a worker attempted to intervene, the robber threatened him with a knife. One of the store employees took swift action, bravely seizing the thief’s arms, while the Sikh man grabbed a stick and began beating him.

The entire incident was recorded by a person present at the store.

Now, Stockton Police is investigating the assault of the 7-Eleven robbery suspect by the two workers involved.

The suspected thief is believed to have robbed the store two other times within the same 24-hour period, as reported by the news portal KCRA.

The video, which has since gone viral, was recorded on July 29.

While the convenience store manager has chosen not to comment on the matter, the police have acknowledged receiving two other reports of early morning robberies at the same 7-Eleven location, both involving the same suspected thief.

One of the incidents occurred on July 28, and the other on July 29.

The man, whom the police now believe was the suspected 7-Eleven robber, claimed to have no knowledge of being assaulted.

The police department stated on Facebook, “We are aware of the incident, and the investigation is ongoing.”

They further added, “At the time this was reported, officers could not confirm if the male was a victim of an assault or a suspect related to the series of robberies at the 7-Eleven.

Thanks to the diligence of a witness recording the July 29 robbery and assault, the Stockton Police Department was able to combine the investigations of the suspected robberies and suspected assault.

The case has been assigned to our Investigations Bureau for follow-up interviews and evidence review.”

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