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Six person arrested in operation by Narcotics Control Bureau, in Mumbai

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Jass Kaur Bindra

Separate operations were launched in Mumbai by the Narcotics Control Bureau and six persons were arrested in the same.

The Narcotics Control Bureau captured a total of 123 blots of LSD (commercial quantity), 30 grams curated marijuana (buds), Mephedrone and Hashish in small quantities.

The Narcotics Control Bureau in its first operation was able to seize a total of 70 blots of LSD and 30 grams of curated Marijuana(buds). Along with this even Charas was captured. 

In the first operation Zahid Rana and Sonu Faiz expropriated by the NCB. They were captured and detained at Oshiwara, Mumbai.

Sameer Wankhede headed the operation by the Narcotics Control Bureau. He is basically the zonal director of NCB. Shubham Savardekar, was even arrested as he was found with a small quantity of Hashish.

This other person was captured by NCB in Andheri.In its Second operation, the narcotics control Bureau sees 53 plots of LSD and 10.2 grams mephedrone. 

In the second operation NCB arrested three persons from whom it recovered narcotics.These are Ravi Waghela, Harshad Waghela, and Sharad Pargi.

The second operation NCB arrested the three persons at Manvel Pada Road in Virar.

Sources stated, “Dangerous drugs like LSD DMT, American cannabis known as bud, cannabis extract known as dab, is being highly consumed by the youngsters specifically in Mumbai, under the shade of these illegal narcotics sellers.”

The Narcotics Control Bureau planned to take few steps in regard to the seriousness of the matter, The first step is accessing dark net websites through Special software freely available on the internet for the purpose. After assessing Dak net through this software various websites which are only accessible through dark net are accessed.”

It was clarified that numerous sellers are there who work on these dark net sites in order to sell narcotics and drugs specifically to the youngsters of the nation who are prone to drugs.

No details regarding the seller are revealed on dark net site only anonymous information is available.

The youngsters or the other consumers of these drugs generally place the order on these darknet sites in order to get the delivery of drugs.

Further information regarding how the delivery of drugs is done, how the payment is done, is still being researched and the probe is on.