SC Issues Warning to Public Regarding Fake Versions of Official Website of SC and Phishing Attack


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Published on: 01 September 2023 at 15:07 IST

The Registry of the Supreme Court of India has issued a notice in the interest of the public, alerting them to a phishing attack that has come to their attention.

The notice reveals that a fraudulent website, skillfully imitating the official Supreme Court website, has been created with malicious intent.

The Supreme Court Registry, through the public notice, strongly advises the general public to exercise caution and vigilance when interacting with links received through various channels.

It is recommended that the authenticity of the links be verified before taking any action. Furthermore, the notice underscores that the Supreme Court of India will never request personal, financial, or confidential information from individuals.

To ascertain the legitimacy of a URL, individuals are advised to hover over it and ensure that it corresponds to the official domain name,

“The attackers through the URL – ‘Offence of Money-Laundering’ are soliciting personal details, and confidential information. Any visitor on the above URLs is strongly advised not to share and divulge any personal and confidential information, as the same shall enable the perpetrators to steal the information,” the notice reads.

Underlining the seriousness of the situation and offering advice to members of the Bar, Chief Justice of India D.Y. Chandrachud remarked at the beginning of a Constitution Bench hearing, “There is a notice which has been put up by the Registry today, there was a phishing attack on our website of the Supreme Court, so please be careful, in the sense, do not click on that website or don’t use that for a monetary transaction because that is the whole object to get people to share details.”

Responding promptly to the phishing attack, the Registry has issued a robust advisory, cautioning all individuals against sharing or disclosing any personal or sensitive data via these URLs. Falling victim to this scheme could potentially result in data theft and compromise.

Additionally, the Registry has taken immediate action by notifying law enforcement agencies and flagging the incident for thorough investigation. “The Registry, Supreme Court of India has taken due concern of the phishing attack and has flagged the same with law enforcement agencies, to investigate the phishing attack and bring the perpetrators to justice,” the notice concludes.

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