PIL in Bombay High Court demands judges, lawyers to be classified as front line workers


Kashish Jain

Two advocates, Vaishnavi Golve and Yogesh Morbale have filed a PIL in the Bombay High Court with the prayer that lawyers, judges and their staff should be considered as frontline workers and priority should be given to them in the coronavirus vaccination campaign.

According to the PIL, Lawyers all across the state have been falling victim to the virus ever since the courts opened for physical functioning. The risks associated with this are far too great to be ignored.

The petitioner brings to notice that judges, lawyers and staff were on duty during the lockdown.

In some way or the other, the members of the judiciary have played the roles of frontline workers. In such conditions, it is only discriminatory to not extend priority to such workers. This is against the basic tenets enshrined in the constitution of India.

The PIL also made it a point to bring the fact to notice that while medical staff over 45 years of age suffering from co-morbidities are being vaccinated, all the High Court Judges are 45 years and older.

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