P&H HC Levies Rs 10,000 Fine on Live-in Couple for Fabricated Threat Perceptions

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Published on: 21 August 2023 at 15:00 IST

The Punjab and Haryana High Court in Chandigarh has rejected a writ petition submitted by a couple, seeking protection and security based on alleged perceived threats in, Priyanka and another Vs State of Haryana and others.

The case involved petitioner No.1, a married woman, and petitioner No.2, an unmarried man, who were purportedly in a live-in relationship. Presided over by Justice Alok Jain, the court expressed skepticism regarding the credibility of the claims made by the petitioners, describing their narrative as “a collection of falsehoods.”

The case had unusual aspects, such as petitioner No.1 signing an agreement concerning the live-in relationship while concurrently alleging mistreatment by her parents and husband due to the same relationship.

Justice Jain commented, “This is an unusual case where petitioner No.1, a married woman, is involved in a live-in relationship with petitioner No.2, an unmarried man. The version presented by the petitioners does not inspire confidence whatsoever.”

While the petition had been filed with assertions of potential threats to their lives, the court greeted these claims with skepticism.

The judge instructed the State counsel to diligently investigate the validity of the alleged threats, determining whether a genuine peril existed or if the petition was a misuse of the legal process.

Moreover, the court highlighted inconsistencies within the claims made by the petitioners. Justice Jain inquired, “If petitioner No.1 had indeed left her matrimonial home a week ago, then why did she return to Rajasthan to execute the live-in relationship agreement?”

In addition, the court revealed that the petitioners’ legal representative requested to withdraw the petition and appealed for a reduction in the imposed costs. While the court agreed to dismiss the petition, it mandated the petitioners to pay a fine of Rs. 10,000/- within a month.

This amount is to be deposited in the Punjab and Haryana High Court Bar Association Lawyer’s Family Welfare Fund.

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