Nun files plea in Delhi HC, seeks stop on release of movie Aquarium

Delhi High Court

Deepali Kalia

A plea has been filed by a catholic nun which will be heard tomorrow by Delhi High Court. It seeks to stop the release of the movie ‘ Aquarium’, which is set to release on OTT platform Saina Play, stating it hurts the religious sentiments of the Christian community at large.

Jessy Mani, the petitioner, is a catholic nun, a psychologist and a native of Kerala who is currently residing in Delhi.

She strongly opposes the release of the film calling it ‘Blasphemous’. She states that it allegedly , “Depicts the sexual relationship of nuns with two priests“. She further claims that , “there are scenes of sexual relationships among same-sex, between priests and nuns and sex with animals, which is a highly derogatory manner, end up tarnishing the reputation of the Catholic Church and its members. The overall impact is alleged to be “demoralizing of the members who joined in the priestly order and nunship.”

The Film stars actors Sunny Wayne, Honey Rose and Rajshri Ponnappa in lead roles.

The petitioner says that the movie originally finished in 2012-13 was named Pithavinum, Puthranum, Parisudhathmavinum which mean “ Father, Son and the holy spirit” and the word ‘Parisudhathmavinum’ was deleted later to stifle any controversy.

The petition also states that in violation of the censorship standards the film was denied certification by the Central Board of Film Certification. 

Now the producers of the film are attempting to release the movie on the OTT platform “Saina Play” by changing the title as streaming services are not subject to any regulation at present.

The petition filed urges the court to either stop its release or delay the same till the issues raised are resolved.

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