Delhi Court grants bail to asthma patient alleged in Remdesivir racket

May12,2021 #DELHI COURT #Remdesivir

Kriti Agrawal

A Delhi Court granted bail to a 24-year-old man accused of being a part of a Remdesivir injection ring, citing his Bronchial asthma.

Harshit Bansal, who is accused by the police of providing two Remdesivir injections to an elderly woman after reading about it on social media, was granted bail by Additional Session Judge Kiran Gupta.

The Court stated, “Considering the applicant’s very young age; being a student; having no prior involvement being a suspected case of Bronchial asthma and the present pandemic situation, he is released on bail subject to furnishing a personal bond/statutory bond of Rs 50,000.” 

Since April 27, the accused has been held in judicial custody.

Sudhir Dahiya was arrested for selling Remdesivir injections for Rs 58,000 per injection, according to a FIR filed at Begumpur police station in Rohini District.

Dahiya was accused of selling two Covid injections to a law student whose father was a Covid patient. A complaint was lodged when the plaintiff requested further injections for other patients and was unable to pay the price of Rs 2 lakh for four injections.

Harshit Bansal, the accused in the case, was arrested based on Dahiya’s disclosure statement.

The accused’s lawyer, Pradeep Khatri, told the Court that “He is a survivor of the present pandemic situation.”

According to Khatri, Bansal contacted Sudhir Dahiya, who had posted a social media article about Remdesivir injection for his friend’s grandmother.

Bansal obtained two Remdesivir injections for the elderly woman, but physicians declined to prescribe them as her condition worsened. The accused then allegedly ordered Dahiya to hold the injections so that they could be used by anyone else who needed them.

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