New York Times Files Lawsuit Against OpenAI and Microsoft for Alleged Copyright Infringement

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Published on: December 28, 2023 at 13:45 IST

In a legal development that reverberated across the tech industry, The New York Times initiated a lawsuit on Wednesday against OpenAI and Microsoft, alleging the unauthorized utilization of millions of the newspaper’s articles in the training of artificial intelligence systems.

This marks a significant legal battle, as The Times positions itself as the first major U.S. media entity to take legal action against OpenAI and Microsoft, the creators of prominent AI platforms such as ChatGPT. The lawsuit, filed in a Manhattan federal court, centers on copyright concerns and asserts that both companies exploited The Times’s extensive journalistic content without proper authorization.

According to the complaint, the defendants are accused of attempting to leverage The Times’s substantial investment in journalism for their own gain, constructing substitute products without obtaining permission or making requisite payments.

The lawsuit refrains from specifying a particular sum for damages; however, it asserts that OpenAI and Microsoft may have caused “billions of dollars” in losses by engaging in the illicit copying and utilization of The Times’s intellectual property.

As of the latest update, OpenAI and Microsoft have yet to respond to requests for comments on the lawsuit.

The legal proceedings are anticipated to shed light on the intersection of media and artificial intelligence, addressing questions of intellectual property rights in the rapidly evolving technological landscape.

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