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Mumbai Court: Charges are supported by Evidence against Salman Khan

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Khushi Doshi

Published on: March 31, 2022 at 18:33 IST

The Mumbai City Civil Court stated while refusing Interim Relief to Bollywood star Salman Khan that there is Documentary Evidence proving Accusations brought against him pertaining to Unlawful Encroachment and Violation of the Forest Act.

The negative views were part of Additional Sessions Judge AH Laddhad’s 50-Page reasoned ruling Dismissing Khan’s Appeal for Interim Relief seeking to Block/Suspend one Ketan Kakkad’s Social Media accounts where Allegedly nasty information about Khan was Disseminated.

The Court noted that Kakkad had submitted Documented Evidence substantiating Khan’s Accusations and Prohibiting him from entering his land.

To substantiate the Allegations that Khan committed Encroachment and Violated the Forest Act and the Matheran Eco-Sensitive notification, Kakkad filed Applications with the concerned Forest Department and the Collector, along with Annexures and Show-Cause Notices issued by the Forest Department, according to the Order.

With these remarks, the Court found that no cause for Temporary Relief in Khan’s favour had been adequately out, and hence the application was denied.

According to the Petition, Kakkad sought to buy a block of property next to Khan’s farmhouse in Panvel, but the deal was cancelled by the Authorities because it was Unlawful.

Kakkad’s defence was that Khan had barricaded his land with an iron gate, and he had not been allowed to enter it Legally since 2014, when he returned to India permanently from the United States of America.

Judge Laddhad stated that what was important at this point was whether Kakkad had Prima Facie put out a Defence for Justification and Pleas in accordance with the Law.

After reviewing Kakkad’s submissions, the Court decided that he did offer specific Evidence to support his Defence.

As a result, Khan was refused Temporary Relief by the Court.

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