MoU Signed Between Ministry of Ayush and RIS to Advance Indian Traditional Medicines


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Published on: March 01, 2024 at 10:41 IST

Ministry of Ayush and the Research and Information System for Developing Countries (RIS) have entered into a collaboration agreement aimed at fostering research, policy dialogue, and capacity building in the realm of Indian traditional medicines. The memorandum of understanding (MoU), inked on Tuesday, underscores a commitment to furthering academic cooperation and collaboration in this vital field.

According to a statement issued by the Ayush Ministry, the MoU will facilitate a comprehensive overview of the Ayush service sector, building upon existing academic partnerships with RIS, an autonomous policy research institute under the Ministry of External Affairs.

The agreement was formally signed by Ayush Secretary Rajesh Kotecha and RIS Director General Sachin Chaturvedi. Speaking on the occasion, Kotecha highlighted the longstanding collaboration between the Ministry of Ayush and RIS, noting the formation of the Forum on Indian Traditional Medicine (FITM) as a pivotal outcome of their joint efforts.

Kotecha emphasized the importance of continuity in this partnership, citing the substantial contributions made by RIS through various policy papers and directions, including the notable report titled “Ayush Sector in India: Prospects and Challenges.” He underscored the remarkable growth of the Ayush manufacturing sector, as evidenced by the report, which indicated an eightfold expansion over the past nine years.

In response, Chaturvedi outlined the scope of the MoU, emphasizing the imperative of comprehensive market estimates, product standardization, and regulatory frameworks in international trade. He highlighted FITM’s ongoing efforts in this regard and stressed the potential of the Ayush sector to emerge as a key driver of medical tourism.

Moreover, Chaturvedi underscored the symbiotic relationship between the growth of the Ayush sector and the conservation of biodiversity. He urged a reevaluation of policies such as the Biological Diversity Act-2002, emphasizing the need to not only utilize but also preserve biodiversity for future generations from the perspective of Ayush practices.

The collaboration between the Ministry of Ayush and RIS signals a concerted effort to advance research, policy formulation, and capacity building in Indian traditional medicines, with a view towards enhancing their global recognition and promoting sustainable healthcare practices.

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