Man Slits his Wrist at Kerala High Court as she Chooses Parents

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Published on: 05  September 2023 at 12:20 IST

A young man took a drastic step within the premises of the Kerala High Court on Monday, slitting his wrist in response to his girlfriend’s decision to live with her parents during a Habeas Corpus case.

Sources have confirmed that this alarming incident unfolded outside the chambers of Justice Anu Sivaraman. The man found himself compelled to part ways with his girlfriend after she chose to accompany her father.

The couple had reportedly been residing together for approximately a month when the woman’s father filed a habeas corpus petition, asserting that she was being unlawfully detained.

The case was heard by a division bench comprising Justices Anu Sivaraman and C Jayachandran. During the proceedings, the woman revealed that her feelings toward the man were limited to “brotherly affection” and that she had stayed with him out of fear that he might harm himself if she refused. She also disclosed that the man was already married to another woman and claimed that their relationship was estranged.

Consequently, she expressed her desire to reunite with her parents, which the bench duly recorded, ultimately granting her father’s petition.

The incident took place in Justice Sivaraman’s chambers, where, upon exiting, the distressed man resorted to self-harm, using a knife to cut his own wrists. Fortunately, prompt intervention by police officials prevented further harm, and the man was swiftly transported to a hospital for medical attention.

Prior to this incident, due to concerns raised by the woman about her safety and that of her family, the bench had ordered increased police surveillance of their residence to ensure their security.

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