Madras High court rejects ECI’s plea to restrain media’s reports on oral observations


Sakshi Chhabra

The Madras High court refused to entertain a plea by the (ECI) Election Commission of India.

The plea sought to restrain the media from publishing the oral observations of the court proceedings.

This came after the court thrashed the ECI for being irresponsible and not stopping the political parties from holding rallies and violating the covid protocol. 

The hearing took place earlier this week where the court stated that the ECI should be put on murder charges.

The court further stated that the ECI was the sole institution responsible for the situation the state is in today.

This petition was filed by ECI stating that the oral observations of the court happenings reported and published by the media was causing harm and grave prejudice. 

On this the court stated that the ECI can resort to the court if any frivolous complaints are made.

In its order posted on Friday the court stated, “Post-mortem on both the Centre’s endeavor to indicate that the surge in numbers may have been unexpected and that preparatory measures had been taken for quite some time” and EC’s concern at sensationalism “May have to wait particularly in the light of the immediate measures that may be put in place.”

After all the proceedings took place, the order stated that it was to ensure that, “The authorities tasked with such obligation devote their complete attention in such regard, so that the measures may be monitored in some degree.”

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